1. What are the purposes of the "Schools' Interactive Zone"?
    To further perfect services to schools, to provide schools with convenient and pluralistic online services and resources, to promote experience sharing, to enhance the operational interaction between schools and our Bureau.
  2. How to apply to use the "Schools' Interactive Zone"?
    All formal and recurrent education institutions of Macao can apply to use the "Schools' Interactive Zone". It is necessary for schools to fill in the information form of the designated operators and the function authorization. For details, please refer to "Application procedure".
  3. How to modify the operators of the "Schools' Interactive Zone" and the function authorization?
    Schools fill in the information form of the operator and choose to update the designated operator and the function authorization. Please sign and seal with the school stamp and submit it to the DSEDJ. The form can be downloaded from the website of the "Schools' Interactive Zone". The "Schools' Interactive Zone" also provides online enquiry of the information of the current designated operator and function authorization of schools.
  4. Can a teacher or school staff handle several school sections in the "Schools' Interactive Zone" at the same time?
    If the teacher or school staff teaches or works in several school sections, each school can apply separately for the teacher or staff to use the "Schools' Interactive Zone". After the login of this type of teachers or school staff in the "Schools' Interactive Zone", there is a choice of the related school sections to be handled at the upper right corner. The function authorization is set up in accordance with the authorized information filled in by the various schools.